What is the normal blood sugar level before eating “breakfast or lunch”?


Many people wonder about the normal range of blood sugar before eating – whether before breakfast or lunch – to see if they are suffering from high blood sugar or if it is okay.

In this article you will find the answer in detail, so follow me.

How much normal sugar level before eating?

let me tell you Initially, the normal blood sugar level before eating It varies from person to person according to ageAnd until you can imagine the picture up close, follow this table with me.

the conditionNormal sugar level before eating
children ranges from 70-100 mg/dL
adultsLess than 100 mg/dL
pregnantLess than 95 mg/dL

If your sugar level is higher than the value listed in the table, this means that you have high blood sugar, but it does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes, you may be in pre-diabetes.


We find that the level of sugar in an adult ranges between 100-125 mg/dLIf it is higher than this limit, it means that you have diabetes.

But anyway, what do you do to maintain a normal sugar level? Let’s answer that.

How to maintain the normal range of blood sugar?

There are many tips to help you maintain Normal blood sugar levelBut before mentioning it, it should be noted the importance of taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor – if any -.

Why did I mention that to you?

Because these tips alone will not be enough if your condition requires medication.

As for ways to help you control your blood sugar.

You start with a healthy diet, as diet plays a major role in health, and we find that excessive intake of some foods, such as meals rich in carbohydrates, leads to an increase in the level of blood sugar, How does that happen?

How do meals rich in carbohydrates increase the chances of developing diabetes?

let me tell you The breakdown of carbohydrates produces glucose, and here glucose is released into the blood, and the pancreas begins to secrete insulin, which transports glucose from the bloodstream to the cells, and to this extent it is very normal.

The problem arises when eating excessively foods rich in carbohydrates, when the pancreas is forced to secrete more insulin to cover the body’s need, and with the repetition of this process, the pancreas becomes stressed and becomes unable to secrete insulin normally, and here the person develops diabetes.

So try to cut back on these foods to maintain a normal sugar level.

In addition, it is also necessary to:

  • Exercising regularly.
  • Getting rid of obesity.
  • Avoid alcoholic substances.
  • Quit Smoking .
  • Constant monitoring of the sugar level.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to maintain a normal level of your blood sugar, and you will reduce your chance of developing diabetes, but if you are already infected, these tips will help you control your sugar level.

here tell me, How much sugar do you have before eating?

Sugar after eating 190… What is the normal range?

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