Symptoms of high blood sugar to 400!…Complications and treatment

When you measure your sugar level and find it is 400, this result will make you amazed...


When you measure your sugar level and find it is 400, this result will make you amazed… And certainly you want to know the reasons for this rise. This is what I will discuss the symptoms and complications and how you can deal with the high result of your diabetes.

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Sugar level 400, what does it mean?

To be honest with youWell, let me tell you, a sugar level of 400 milligrams per deciliter stands for An increase in the level of sugar in the blood above the normal limit is very dangerous.

There is a high chance of some happening Complications If you do not start to treat this high percentage of sugar.

in addition to There will be some symptoms that indicate that your sugar is high, as high blood sugar has some symptoms, but it is not a serious complication…the symptoms end as soon as the high is treated.

Symptoms of high sugar to 400!

There are several symptoms that indicate high blood sugar than normal, let’s look at them in detail.

1- Frequent urination.

This occurs as a result of increased blood sugar; In this case, sugar is excreted with urine, accompanied by many minerals and electrolytes that maintain the balance of the body, and thus frequent urination occurs.

2-Feeling very thirsty.

The body loses large amounts of fluid when sugar is high, and therefore you always feel thirsty as a result of losing an amount of fluid during urination.

3- Feeling sick.

When the sugar level is 400 milligrams per deciliter, the patient feels very tired, and the inability to perform any physical effort, no matter how simple.

4- The presence of acetone smell in the mouth.

This smell is a clear indication that the patient has ketoacidosis. The smell of acetone indicates the presence of ketone bodies in the patient’s body.

5- Low blood pressure.

You can develop hypotension due to fluid loss, so replacing it with an intravenous solution is very important.

6- Vomiting and abdominal pain.

Abdominal pain and vomiting…The patient feels abdominal pain that may be accompanied by vomiting in the case of ketoacidosis, in which case the acidity of the body rises and it stimulates the occurrence of abdominal cramps and vomiting.

To find out Symptoms of high sugar in detail a complete list.

Complications of high blood sugar to 400.

High blood sugar may cause some serious complications that may kill a person, for example:

  • Diabetic ketoacidosis.

Ketoacidosis occurs when there is not enough sugar in the cells, and this reflects the inability of insulin to perform its function.

In the case of a high blood sugar level of 400 mg per deciliter, with a lack of insulin, the level of sugar inside the cells is lower than normal, and therefore this is not enough to obtain energy for the body.

Here the body begins to change the way it obtains energy, so it resorts to breaking down fats. The breakdown of fats produces chemicals called ketones. Ketones increase the pH of the blood, and thus affect organ function, which may result in the patient entering a coma.

  • severe dehydration

When the level of sugar in the blood rises, the body needs insulin to transport sugar to the cells so that the body can benefit from it by converting it into energy, as we mentioned.

In the case of diabetes, the amount of insulin present is insufficient, and therefore an amount of sugar is excreted with the urine.

At that time, not only does sugar come out, but the body loses a large amount of important minerals and electrolytes, and thus this negatively affects the balance of the internal environment of the body.

  • Diabetic coma.

The patient may enter a state of unconsciousness as a result of the severe rise in blood sugar, and the patient can return to a state of consciousness when dealing with the situation correctly.

the most we can talk about Sometimes brain damage occurs as a result of delaying the treatment of the patient in a diabetic coma, which leads to the patient’s life.

In short, these complications may cause death if the condition is not dealt with quickly and correctly.

Reasons for high blood sugar to 400?

There are many causes of high blood sugar, including:

  • A defect in the pancreas.

The pancreas is the organ responsible for secreting insulin in the required quantities, and therefore any malfunction in it as a result of a tumor or so on negatively affects the level of insulin in the body.

Of course, blood sugar rises when insulin is lacking in the body, and then the sugar level may reach 400 milligrams per deciliter.

  • A problem with the insulin receptors.

The body has receptors that are sensitive to the hormone insulin, and insulin cannot perform its task until after binding to those receptors.

In some cases, what is called insulin resistance occurs, i.e. receptors lose their sensitivity to insulin, and thus insulin remains idle.

Then the doctor prescribes some medications that help insulin do its work, and therefore neglecting to take these medications causes the blood sugar level to rise.

  • Lack of interest in taking medications in case of diabetes.

Forgetting to take the medications that were prescribed by the doctor, as we mentioned, contribute to a high blood sugar level, and it may reach 400 milligrams in some cases, and then be more prone to some complications.

How much normal sugar?

Normal levels of blood sugar vary according to the type of analysis. Here are the normal levels for adults.

Let me tell you how to treat high blood sugar, 400 milligrams per deciliter.

How to treat high sugar to 400?

In the event that the patient suffers from symptoms of ketoacidosis, it is treated in hospital emergency rooms by:

  • Compensation for fluid loss.

The patient is replaced with fluids through intravenous solutions so that it does not reach the stage of dehydration, and this is before the insulin is injected.

  • Electrolyte replacement.

In the event that the potassium level is less than the normal state, then it is necessary to inject potassium before injecting insulin to maintain the integrity of the heart.

  • Insulin injection.

In this case, it is preferable to inject insulin intravenously so that there is a quick effect.

After performing these steps, you should:

  • Take the treatment at the time specified by the doctor.
  • Constant monitoring of blood sugar levels.
  • Drink enough fluids daily.


A sugar level of 400 milligrams per deciliter is a clear warning that the body will develop type 2 diabetes. This percentage is far from the normal blood sugar level

If your blood sugar is 400 milligrams per deciliter, this indicates that you may have ketoacidosis.

In the case of ketoacidosis, the treatment is done by replacing the body with fluids and electrolytes, then injecting insulin intravenously.

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