Love Confronts Psychological Disorder in Enrico Galeano’s Novel


The chance encounter between Gioia Spada and Luca Di Paolo at the pub one evening marks the beginning of their exit from the dark tunnel in which they are both, in “But We Fall Happy” by italian writer Enrico Galeano, recently published in the series “International Creations”, with the Arabization of Amani Habshi and the review of Al-Raddad Charati on the authority of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters in Kuwait.

And thethe novel It is the first in four of its author’s novels, released in 2017, before “All the Life You Wish” 2018, “Stronger Than Any Farewell” 2019, and “Happy Facing the World” 2021.

Perhaps the first observation that draws attention in the four titles is the primacy of positive thinking over everything else, which is what we find in the body of the novel that we have in our hands a path and a destiny.

In his novel, Galeano asks questions Disintegration of the family School bullying, alcoholism, mental health, and love, and he does this through the events in which the two protagonists and other related characters are involved. To a positive situation,

and thus we are facing a novel that heralds light at the end of the horizon, and the doors are not closed without the happiness that the two pivotal characters bet on to win the bet in the end, through a love relationship that gives each of them a sense of their existence and reconciliation with the world and get it out of the dark tunnel, that There are similarities between these two characters in their upbringing, behavior, and final fate.

family breakup

Joya Spada comes from a broken family in which she witnesses abuse, drunkenness, infidelity, lacks passion and tenderness and falls into neglect and shortcomings. The faces are on the masks, and therefore she lives in a school alienation that is added to the home alienation, which leads her to invent defense mechanisms that reduce her alienation and alienation, but makes others doubt her mental health.

At home, she forms her relationship with Grandma Gemma, the old woman who is unable to speak, a factor of reassurance for her that compensates her for the parents’ negligence and neglect. The professor of philosophy has Buffa as an element of support for her,

so she asks him questions and leads him with her concerns, and he does not skimp on her with answers, advice and support, even if she wins the first prize in the school’s photography competition and is celebrated, the bullying comrades’ view of her changes and their mouths are silenced, and she becomes a subject of respect and appreciation.

imaginary friend

However, the most important defense mechanism that she creates is the adoption of an imaginary friend, Tonya Vincenzi, her consort who accompanies her in her solution and travels and does not skimp on her with observation, blame, advice, warning and reprimand, which leads to repaying her steps, which raises the hypothesis of her schizophrenia, but Joya’s failure to abandon her Her personality and lack of reincarnation as Tonya leads to the exclusion of this hypothesis,

as the latter is just a presumption to her, which makes her psychological state closer to health than to illness, and the irony is that Joya is aware of what she is doing and realizes the fantasy of her friend and engages in the game from a previous conception and design, as an effective mechanism to confront the world that Desire and fear at the same time. Perhaps the heroine’s psychological state is a product of the environment in which she grew up and the circumstances that surrounded her, which explains her faltering thoughts from time to time.

On the other hand, Luca Di Paolo comes from a broken family, in which the father abuses the mother and the son and experiences crises of depression and panic attacks since his childhood, and dark moments in which he turns into an eccentric personality,

and suffers what the father calls double personality and tries to commit suicide more than once, and when the mother suggests to him With the father’s desire to harm him, according to his illusion, his relationship with his father becomes turbulent and he becomes at odds with him in tendencies, trends and behaviors, especially after he learns from his mother that he is not his real father,

and his fear of him reaches the point of falling from the balcony of the house and injuring him while fleeing from him on the truth. Or delusion, and paints for him the image of the dangerous father who does not believe in his side, and perhaps this delusional image is what prompts him to invent the story of his suicide by throwing himself into a nearby lake, and that is what deceives his family and others despite the fact that his body was not found, and then he hides from view in a house The old former pub owner Breda changes his name and leaves the house for evening visits to the pub where he plays darts alone.

defense mechanisms

In the face of these psychological defects, Lu (the acronym of the character) suggests defense mechanisms that enable him to find a kind of fictitious psychological safety, so he resorts to concealment, isolation, changing the name, impersonation, illusion of suicide and practicing the sport of throwing arrows.

It brings him out of the darkness of the tunnel in which he found himself, and thus we are faced with a troubled personality burdened with the remnants of the past and bad childhood memories, living a certain duality and loneliness affecting mixing, and not caring about the mother’s feelings when she suggests suicide.

Thus, the two central characters share an upbringing, a dysfunctional family, a troubled relationship with the father, isolation, fear of facing the world, and psychological turmoil.

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In the face of these two situations, which are similar in symptoms and different in degree, the chance meeting between Joya, even in the pub one evening, marks the beginning of their exit from the tunnel, and a relationship of understanding arises between them that grows on the multiplicity of meetings into a relationship of love, and each of them feels his being and his need for the other in his life,

even if The culmination of the relationship was sexual intercourse on the roof of one of the buildings that suddenly disappears due to love, and in order not to involve Joya in his dark world, but she is searching for him and does not believe the news of his death by suicide 10 months ago, which leads her to doubt herself and exposes her to questioning.

In her mental abilities, but listening to the voice of her heart and the encouragement of Professor Buffa and the current innkeeper Jovana and her psychic, make her insist on searching for if even finding him and subjecting him to treatment, and her letters to him give him the key to resolving his chronic complex that began with his father’s arrest for the flagrant offense of treason.

As each of them recovers, the last scene in the novel, real or imagined, which depicts if a person is waiting in the air in her room and welcomes her, to say the ability of love in treating psychological defects, resolving intractable knots and facing compelling circumstances. .

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