Launching the Derby platform to provide information on reproductive health for young people


The Higher Population Council launched, on Wednesday, a platform “my derby“, to provide an integrated package of information related to reproductive health to young people to help them make sound decisions regarding their reproductive health and enable them to implement these decisions.

The platform, established by the Higher Population Council with the support of the United Nations Population Fund, aims to raise awareness among members of society, especially young men and women, and improve their reproductive health, by providing an integrated package of information and data.

The Secretary-General of the Higher Population Council Issa Al-Masarwa said that the establishment of the platform by the Council comes as the national authority for all issues and population information related to development, and within the framework of its continuous endeavor to consolidate awareness of population issues, including reproductive health issues in society,

especially among young men and women, who are considered one of the pillars The basic needs in Jordanian society, but they do not receive the necessary attention and lack reproductive health information, and they are the most in need of reproductive health services that are often not met, and the most vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to the existence of biological and psychological needs specific to the adolescence period.

And he indicated that the age of youth is the opportunity to learn proper health practices, and parents can benefit from this information to provide the necessary advice and advice to their children and educate them in the required manner in this field, as the family is the mainstay of education and upbringing.

The UNFPA Population and Development Program Officer, Layali Abu Sir, stressed that the United Nations Population Fund has sought, since its inception, to support policies and programs concerned with raising awareness and knowledge of youth in reproductive health issues and providing health and community services, as they are directly related to youth growth and empowerment as the main driver of change. Desired for a bright future.

She indicated that in order to ensure support for adolescents and youth in their journey from childhood to adulthood and youth, what is required is an integrated set of policies and programs that address the human being as one unit and pay close attention to each of the national context in which young people live, taking into account the relevant international standards.

Countries must pay attention to education and training, health, social welfare and human rights, cooperate with young leaders, remove constraints on youth progress, effectively address major obstacles, and pave the way to adulthood with opportunities and support.

The Director of the Media and Communication Unit of the Higher Population Council, Etaf Al-Hadid, reviewed during the ceremony the importance and objectives of the knowledge platform, indicating that the platform is a main source for providing data and information related to reproductive health and presenting it in an attractive and creative manner that suits young men and women and all segments of society.

On issues related to reproductive health, and it is answered by a committee of experts, and then the answer is sent to the person concerned, so that these questions are dealt with in strict confidence without anyone knowing about them.

The Director of the Programs Unit at the Higher Population Council, Sawsan Al-Da`jah, addressed the components of reproductive health in the platform, which include the concept of reproductive health, gender, adolescence, sexually transmitted diseases, violence, readiness for marriage, reproductive regulation, safe motherhood, tumors of the reproductive system of men and women, and infertility. Age of hope.

The official of the platform in the Council, Eid Al-Manasir, reviewed the mechanisms and means of using the platform, and during the ceremony, the experiences of young people in using the platform were also reviewed.

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