In mental health, Mismar Al-Rida – Laila Ibrahim Shalaby 2022


No one is devoid of worries.. and no life is upright except among a young man, a balance of justice that balances between joy and sadness and justice between pain and recovery. The body gets sick and the person suffers, but if he keeps his spirit soaring, hope returns to recovery, and he rises from his depression, sound and healthy, coming to life, welcome to it.

Writing has always been my favorite and most honest way of expressing myself. If I miss someone I write for, I write to myself, addressing her and talking to her.. When I re-read what I wrote: perhaps most of it, but it has always overpowered me with its spontaneity and sincerity.

Today I am writing to everyone who has experienced what science calls post-traumatic stress. That psychological pain that reaches a person the level of mental disorder, and what doctors see as painful psychological behavior that reaches its extent after exposure to an accident or nervous shock, and is often seen in the days of the scourge of wars or natural disasters.

She lost her lonely after a short terminal illness that surprised everyone with his ferocity with which he preyed on her young youth without mercy.

In fact, what I am talking about today can be experienced by any person in any society, but everyone will undoubtedly share in different forms with a degree of turmoil, pain and sadness that will cast a heavy shadow over his days and the events he lives through. From family members and friends.

How can man prepare for that unique human responsibility which man adopts with a courage that only an exceptional nobility of morality can push him to do? It is, by God, a great human responsibility that only God Almighty can reward.

It may seem relatively easier in Western society, where it is possible to obtain psychological advice from a specialist, a doctor or a mental health specialist, which may be followed by psychological sessions with the aim of restoring the calmness of the soul that a person has lost as a result of the trauma he has been exposed to.
But it may already seem in our eastern societies closer to the soul, warmer and deeper, especially if we already understand what post-traumatic stress disorder means, and how we can approach and deal with a dear person who suffers from it.
Always be ready to listen, but never pressure to change ideas, and make every sincere effort to make someone feel your desire to listen.
Choose the right time to talk and the place that should be free of what causes interruption or distraction. Listen carefully, inquire calmly, and completely avoid guessing or giving advice that everyone exchanges on these difficult occasions.
I always know where to be silent and where to take some time to rest if things seem difficult for you, for without a doubt this is something that only a patient, benevolent person with a high humanity can tolerate.
Do not always hesitate to warn a person that he has a right to get rid of the consequences of his sorrows, and that he has a right with his family and friends to guarantee this and make them submit to him with natural comfort.
I do not think it is hidden now from those who read my words today that I am the one who is going through those difficult moments with a dear friend to whom God has chosen a destiny that only he knows its meaning.
I always pray spontaneous supplications that apply to my tongue at the moment, and I do not intend at all to repeat or memorize supplications called by others and recorded by the memory of others. And sadness.. Beware of them being able to.. Put them in a box and judge them well, and close them with a nail of contentment.”
In surrender and contentment, comfort stops the flow of sadness in the soul and allows the wound to heal, even if the trace remains.

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