How can I get rid of pathological attachment?

pathological attachment The founder of attachment theory, psychologist John Bowlby, suggests that it may be the result of mental disorder Includes underlying problems in childhood, such as physical and emotional abuse or Nationality As a result of problems with abandonment, loneliness, or insecurity.

Recent studies indicate an increasing incidence of pathological attachment among people who suffer in silence, as they experience feelings of fear, anger, pain or shame that are ignored.

What are the symptoms of pathological attachment?

The Kusnacht Center for the Treatment of Disorderly Attachment Disorder explains Switzerland A number of symptoms appear on those infected with it:

  • Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.
  • Difficulties in making decisions.
  • Difficulty defining feelings.
  • problems in Communicate with others.
  • Fear of abandonment.
  • Intense control over others.
  • Neglecting personal needs.
  • Chronic feeling bored and emptiness.
  • Constantly thinking or talking about the partner.
  • send text messages any time.

How do you get rid of pathological attachment?

Every person with pathological attachment is inherently unreconciled with itself, does not feel inner peace, and needs to take many steps to break free from feelings of attachment, advised by Dr. Jennifer Hetema, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist marital relations:

Strengthen your relationship with yourself and release your feelings

The first step to consolidating a relationship with oneself is confrontation and recognition with weak pointsThen reconcile with the self and forgive the self for its mistakes, away from its skin.

It is also necessary to take care to release the stored feelings by writing or DrawOr any other behavior that helps release negative energy and relieve emotional pain.

Give yourself your own space

Setting aside some space in relationships is a good way to break the emotional bond between the two parties, such as going on a short trip somewhere or spending a self-care day with friends and family.

Such actions also help establish healthy relationship boundaries around how much time should be spent together, and determine when to communicate.

Do a hobby or side activity that you like

Being preoccupied with a hobby, such as drawing or solving puzzles It helps to distract the mind from the current relationship, and such activities can positively affect the Mood By increasing happiness hormones that make individuals feel less attached to their partners.

Disable notifications on your phone

A common sign of unhealthy attachment in relationships is the desire to send Text messages Or call constantly.

So turning off notifications is one of the simple tricks that can ease the hang of it.

Put yourself first

Mindfulness is useful for breaking toxic attachment, reducing anxiety and possessiveness towards the partner. Mindfulness can be practiced through writing diaries, to restore a sense of individual identity, which is also reinforced by a sense of greater financial and social independence to reduce dependence on individuals and complete dependence on them.

Don’t worry about the future

It is common to make plans for the distant future, exceptionally with the partner, and to think a lot about the future, which may be linked to an idealistic view of what the relationship will look like, resulting in an unrealistic attachment to the partner, rather than enjoying the relationship in the present.

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