High uric acid analysis! rate and treatment 2022

Have you ever needed a Uric acid test? To a large extent, the answer will be yes, but do you know the natural ratio of it and the meaning of its height?


Have you ever needed a Uric acid test?

To a large extent, the answer will be yes, but do you know the natural ratio of it and the meaning of its height?

My role in this article is to answer all the questions that revolve in your mind about this analysis.

Let’s start the journey of exploration of Uric acid analysis.

What does a high Uric acid analysis mean?

The rise of any substance in the body above the normal percentage reflects the presence of a problem, and this also applies to Uric acid, as its rise may mean:

  • Having a kidney defect.
  • Infection with gout.
  • Follow a diet rich in purines.
  • blood cancer .

I know you’re wondering now About the way to treat high uric acid, let’s get to know it, but first know what uric acid is.

What is a Uric acid analysis?

Uric acidIt is a chemical resulting from the breakdown of a group of substances called purines. Where are these materials located?

Purines are found in the cells of the body, and they are obtained from foods. There are many foods rich in them, examples of which are:

  • mushrooms;
  • spinach;
  • cauliflower;
  • peas;
  • Red meat.
  • some fish.

After these foods are broken down, uric acid is released into the bloodstream, and reaches the kidneys for excretion from the body by excreting it with urine. Is the information clear up to that point?

What has been mentioned is a normal thing and occurs constantly inside the body, but the problem begins when the percentage of Uric acid increases. In this case, this acid collects in the joints in the form of sharp crystals, and inflammation occurs in the place where it collects, accompanied by a feeling of pain.

Uric acid crystals are usually found at the big toe joint, a condition called gout.

NB: There are some medications that lead to an increase in uric acid in the body, most notably:

  • aspirin;
  • Some cancer drugs.
  • Cyclosporine – an immunosuppressant drug.
  • Thiazide diuretics.
  • Testosterone – a hormonal drug.
  • Pyrazinamide – an anti-tuberculosis drug.

What is the normal rate for the analysis of Uric acid?

Uric acid is found in the body in natural conditions, as we mentioned, and scientists have agreed on its ratio.

We find that this percentage varies according to gender, follow the table with me to find out.

sexnormal value
male Ranging from 3.4-7 mg/dL.
femaleRanging between 2.4-6 mg/dL.

Therefore, if the result of your Uric acid analysis is outside this range, you need to present your case to the attending physician.

Is fasting required before taking a uric acid analysis?

let me tell you The Uric acid analysis does not require any preparation before the sample is drawn, it is a simple analysis that you can perform at any time without the need for pre-fasting.

You may be wondering About the normal range for this analysis, let’s get to know it in the coming lines.

Tips for treating high levels of uric acid.

If you want to reduce the chance of high uric acid, here are some tips that will shorten the way for you.

Among the most important of these tips:

1- Reducing foods rich in purines.

Your diet greatly affects your health, and because purines cause a high level of uric acid in the body, you should reduce foods rich in this substance and replace them with other foods that contain less purine, such as:

  • Dairy and its products.
  • Green plant leaves.
  • tomatoes .
  • the bread .
  • pasta.

2- Drink enough water.

Sufficient fluid intake stimulates the body to get rid of excess substances by excreting them with urine, and therefore we find that it is necessary to ensure that you drink water and fluids in sufficient quantities throughout the day to maintain your health and the health of your kidneys.

3- Take medicines in the required doses.

The treatment of this condition begins with knowing the cause of its occurrence, as the doctor determines the appropriate treatment method based on the cause of the high uric acid.

If the doctor prescribed any medication to treat high uric acid, you must adhere to taking it in the required doses, and do not neglect it until there is a noticeable improvement in your health.

On the other side let me remind you Excessive use of medications is also harmful, so do not take any medications, whether they are for the treatment of high uric acid or others, without consulting your doctor, so as not to face complications.

4- Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol increases the chance of dehydration in the body, and thus negatively affects the work of the kidneys, and therefore it is necessary to avoid any alcoholic beverages to prevent any expected harm from taking them.

let me tell you Also, some alcohols fall under the list of substances rich in purines, and therefore are harmful in more ways than one.

5- Eat foods rich in fiber.

These foods help to get rid of excess uric acid easier, in addition to their general benefits to the body such as helping to control the level of blood sugar and others.

6- Getting rid of obesity.

For your information, fat cells produce uric acid in a greater amount than muscle cells, and therefore it causes a rise in this acid in the body, and accordingly, you should follow up with a specialist doctor who will help you develop a treatment plan to get rid of obesity.

Obesity not only affects the percentage of uric acid, but its negative effects are multiple, as it increases the chance of developing diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

be careful on your health and start a real step towards getting rid of obesity.


Uric acid is a chemical produced by the breakdown of cells and foods containing purines, and is excreted from the body by the kidneys.

The normal level of uric acid in men ranges between 3.4-7 mg/dL, while in women it ranges between 2.4-6 mg/dL.

If you have any query regarding the rise of Uric acid, feel free to leave it in the comments and I will answer it.

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