Herbal treatment of pulmonary valve stenosis: fact or myth 2022 ?

Herbal treatment of pulmonary valve stenosis: fact or myth 2022 ?

Treating pulmonary valve stenosis with herbs is one of the topics that many people discuss. Follow the following article to learn about the validity of the topic:

Herbal treatment of pulmonary valve stenosis: fact or myth?

Pulmonary valve stenosis is a serious disorder that is caused by a congenital defect that causes the pulmonary valve to not develop properly, which can cause many different complications.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to rely on herbs to treat this type of serious health condition that requires immediate surgical intervention, as many possible treatment methods are used, which are surgical in most cases, meaning that the herbs will not give the desired effect in a way that guarantees the treatment of the condition properly. Complete.

Thus, when resorting to the doctor, he will treat pulmonary valve stenosis using medical surgical methods, which are as follows:

Balloon valvuloplasty

Among the important notes regarding this procedure are the following:

  • The doctor inserts a thin, flexible tube with a balloon on its tip through an artery in the body, usually in the groin area.
  • An X-ray is used to guide the tube correctly to the narrowed valve in the heart.
  • The balloon is inflated at the narrowed place of the valve, then the air is deflated from the balloon and then removed.

It should be noted that this procedure helps improve blood flow and reduces symptoms of pulmonary valve stenosis, but the stenosis may return again in the future, which calls for the valve to be repaired or replaced.

Pulmonary valve replacement

Pulmonary valve replacement is used in some cases where valvuloplasty cannot be performed, through open-heart surgery or catheterization to replace the pulmonary valve, and if there are congenital defects, they are repaired in the same surgery.

Before undergoing surgery, people also need to take antibiotics for a period determined by the doctor to prevent endocarditis.

Can pulmonary valve stenosis be treated by natural methods?

Since pulmonary valve stenosis cannot be treated with herbs, it is worth noting that pulmonary valve stenosis cannot be treated by natural, non-surgical methods as well, but such methods are used to prevent the disease from worsening quickly, and among the natural methods that can be resorted to are the following:

Follow a healthy diet

This is done by following a diet that contains sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, reducing the intake of fat, and the need to quit smoking and exercise regularly.

Use of some herbs

Some types of herbs can work to prevent pulmonary valve stenosis, because they contain a group of natural substances that contribute to this, but since the proportions of these substances are very small, it requires a long period until any development appears in the case.

Herbs good for the heart and its valves

There are a group of herbs that are beneficial for the heart, and help prevent many heart diseases, including the following:

Ginkgo biloba

This plant stimulates blood circulation in the body, and it also improves blood circulation and heart health, and increases blood flow to many parts of the body, which is the heart of the most important, and is responsible for increasing levels of nitric oxide responsible for the process of dilation of blood vessels in the body, and thus They help maintain a healthy heart.

Green Tea

Green tea can be used to treat cases of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and it also protects against various heart diseases in addition to many other diseases.


Some research indicates that there are many benefits to using ginseng, as it stimulates blood circulation and reduces the production of free radicals in the body.

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