Can brain electricity be cured in children?


Brain electricity is a relatively common brain condition in children that affects each child differently, but the most important question is: Can children’s brain electricity be cured? Here is the answer:

Can brain electricity be cured in children?

Most children need medications to control EEG symptoms, but while these medications can prevent EEG, they can’t be cured or stopped once they’ve started.

And although it is not possible to answer the question, can brain electricity be cured in children? Absolutely yes, many children may not need to take medication for the rest of their lives.

It is possible to talk to the doctor about the possibility of reducing medications or stopping them completely for children who have not had seizures caused by electricity in the brain for several years. necessary.

However, it should be noted that the treatment should not be stopped without consulting a doctor, as the attacks can return again or become worse than before.

Electroencephalography of children

The answer to the question leads us to be cured of brain electricity in children? To talk about methods of treating electroencephalography in children, the treatment options for electroencephalography in children include the following:

1. Medicines

There are many medications available to treat or prevent EEG in children, but sometimes it can take a while to find the best medication for each child.

Where these drugs treat the symptoms of brain electricity in children by reducing the frequency of seizures, and the drug does not work properly until it reaches a certain level in the body that can only be reached and maintained by taking the drug regularly.

2. The keto diet

The keto diet may help reduce the number or severity of seizures for some children who continue to have seizures despite taking medications. This diet can be started along with medications under the supervision of medical professionals and nutritionists.

3. Neurostimulation

If you don’t respond to medications, your doctor may recommend neurostimulation, which involves sending small electrical currents through a device to your brain.

4. Surgery

Depending on the type and location of seizures in the brain, some children may need surgery. The surgery involves removing part of the brain to stop or reduce the number of seizures a child has.

Coping with brain electricity in children

Whatever the answer to the question: Is it possible to cure brain electricity in children?, children must receive the necessary care in order to be able to live with this condition without affecting their daily activities, behaviors, and their physical and psychological health. To help the child manage his health:

    • Ensure that the child knows the type of seizures he suffers from and the type of medications he needs, if his age allows this.
    • Giving the child his medication exactly as prescribed by the doctor, and making sure to know the side effects of these medications.
    • Consult your child’s doctor before giving him any other medications, as brain electrolyte medications can interact with many other medications.
    • Helping the child avoid any triggers that may trigger a seizure.
    • Ensure that the child gets enough sleep every day, as lack of sleep can trigger a child’s seizure.
    • Make sure to visit the doctor regularly and perform the necessary examinations as necessary.

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