Dr.. Wafaa Mustafa offers 6 tips and solutions for raising mentally healthy children

Dr. Wafaa Mustafa, a human development and self-development consultant, revealed, during a session entitled “Mental Health of a Happy Family” held within the activities of the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair, that depression ranks first in the world’s population diseases due to the spread of technology, which created isolation and alienation
Human development and self-development consultant, Dr. Wafaa Mustafa, confirmed that mental health is an integrated system of psychological and social characteristics in the first place, because it depends on adaptation and adaptation to the internal and external environment and the ability of a person to learn and teach values ​​that interact with society so that he is able to work, achieve and produce perfectly.

Wafa Mustafa revealed, during a session entitled “Mental Health of a Happy Family” held within the activities of the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair, that depression ranks first in the diseases of the world’s population due to the spread of technology, which created isolation and alienation, pointing out that 75% of children Today they live in the virtual world more than 4 hours a day.

She said: “A healthy family is based on social upbringing and the individual’s acquisition of his correct concepts, traditions, language and a healthy lifestyle, stressing that proper upbringing is in the interest of society and the nation.”

She explained that the poorly developed psychological environment causes the creation of a psychologically and socially disturbed generation, while the stable psychological environment contributes to raising a generation that enjoys compatibility with the environment in a safe society, revealing that the virtual world has become the first in attention, as children spend nearly two-thirds of their waking hours on Social media.

Dr. Wafa Mustafa attributed this to several reasons, the first of which is social media, with its effects due to weak electronic content, communication with strangers and adopting extraneous values, as well as the danger of exposure to electronic bullying, addiction to electronic games, failure to differentiate between truth and fiction, and implanting strange ideas as superheroes. And obesity problems as a result of playing electronic games for long hours.

She pointed out that the second reason is the spread of violence and the difficulty of communication, as it includes several axes, including that domestic violence destroys the family and society, as well as the lack of dialogue and feeling of alienation, weak family ties, immaturity and psychological balance, suffering from pressure and difficulty in communication, issuing quick judgments, and imitation Deviant behaviors, inequality between children, and security instability.

She pointed out that the third reason is the unstable environment, the most prominent examples of which are: low social status, low economic level, feeling of inferiority for not meeting family needs, not adapting to living conditions, unstable working conditions, living in a hostile environment, and being in a family environment. Unsupportive, stressful and frustrating work environment.

She mentioned that wrong educational practices are ranked fourth among the causes of children’s isolation, especially as they include parents’ preoccupation with their children, neglect, neglect, violence, cruelty, excessive pampering, anxiety, excessive fear and lack of responsibility, pointing out that domestic violence causes children to fear parents; Love and fear do not mix.

Dr. Wafa Mustafa stated that some fathers follow their children via the phone, chat applications and social media, and this is a serious neglect in raising children, especially since fathers are heavily involved in their work at the expense of the family and raising children, stressing that the depth of the father’s relationship with his children pushes the child to be frank with His parents, but intimidation pushes the child to refrain from telling his parents about any mistake he does.

She explained that the promotion of mental health is carried out through 6 main axes: controlling emotions, solving problems, work and achievement, continuous learning, facing pressures, and contributing to society, noting that the mental health of the family contributes to the graduation of normal children who enjoy sound mental and mental health whose effects extend. to the whole community.

She continued, “It is necessary to invest in our children and instill in them values ​​more than we invest in them, because there will come a time when we will regret every minute we wasted in not sitting with our children or educating them.”

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