4 ways to treat extreme thinness for men

A nutritionist received questions about some diets and ideal body weight, including a question about how to treat extreme thinness for men?


A nutritionist received questions about some diets and ideal body weight, including a question about how to treat extreme thinness for men?

His answer was that thinness is not common among men, so if a man suffers from thinness, it must be related to some health problems, psychological or genetic.

Therefore, when losing weight continuously and without justification, it is necessary to visit a specialist; It helps in discovering the main reason behind the continuous weight loss, thus developing an appropriate treatment plan for the case that achieves the desired results.

In this article, we answer the question of how to treat extreme thinness for men?

4 different ways how to treat extreme thinness for men?

4 different ways how to treat extreme thinness for men?

Usually these methods are used in thinness treatment Caused by poor nutrition, unbalanced diet and unhealthy eating habits, so if you are sure that you do not have any health problems, you can follow one of these methods as directed by the specialist doctor.

There are many methods used in Treatment of extreme thinness for men Which has proven to be effective in healthy and gradual weight gain.

Among the most important of these methods:

  • Simple steps help to treat thinness in men.
  • Exercises for the treatment of thinness for men.
  • Natural recipes for the treatment of extreme thinness in men.
  • Medicines and vitamins to treat thinness in men.

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Simple steps to help treat thinness in men

How to treat extreme thinness for men? Be with simple steps that can be followed at home, these steps help to get food system Healthy, integrated, high in calories, and helps correct some unhealthy eating habits that cause loss of appetite.

Among these steps:

Increase the number of daily meals

Increase the number of meals you eat during the day instead of only three main meals, eat 5 meals a day; With the aim of increasing the calories that enter the body daily than the body burns, thus gaining weight in a healthy way.

Choose foods rich in calories

If you suffer from loss of appetite and inability to eat a lot; Choose foods that are high in calories and low in size such as peanut butter, avocado, protein shakes with dried fruits, nuts, and full-fat dairy products.

Eat protein at all meals

  • Make sure to include protein in all your meals, such as meat, fish, dairy products, and protein powders.
  • Protein is the basic building block of muscle, so eating protein helps increase muscle mass, thus increasing weight healthily.

Add healthy fats to your meals

Healthy fats from the most famous Nutrients Which increases the nutritional value and calories of meals, so doctors advise in the systems of how to treat severe thinness for men using some healthy fats Such as

  • olive oil.
  • Avocado oil.
  • Flax seed oil.

Use high-calorie additives

There are a few simple additions that make regular meals rich and high-calorie; These additives help in gaining weight without having to eat large amounts of food.

Among these additions:

  • Add cream to your soups.
  • Add cream or whole milk to coffee.
  • Add high-calorie sauces such as mayonnaise or cheese sauce to your main meal.
  • Add nuts, nut butters, or seeds to your breakfast.

Avoid some bad eating habits

There are some wrong eating habits that make regimens how to treat extreme thinness for men? It doesn’t work.

Among these habits:

  • drink water before and during eating; This causes a full stomach and loss of appetite.
  • Eating high-fiber foods at the expense of proteins and healthy fats; Where these foods cause loss of appetite and a sense of satiety for a long time.
  • eating foods rich in sugars and unhealthy fats; These foods cause an increase in body fat at the expense of muscle mass, thus causing an unhealthy weight gain.

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Exercises to treat thinness for men

Exercises to treat thinness for men

Aerobic exercises that rely on weights is one of the best proven and proven methods of how to treat extreme thinness for men?

Where many men rely on some exercise in order to build and increase the size of muscle mass, therefore gain weight Healthy, harmonious and attractive appearance.

Weight-based exercises are divided into two types:

Body weight exercises

The most famous of these exercises are: resistance exercises, push-ups, squats, planks, and going up and down stairs.

Weight lifting exercises

These exercises rely on carrying external weights such as barbells and dumbbells. You can start with some light weights and then gradually increase the weight.

It is worth noting that you should not overdo these exercises to avoid any muscle injury.

Followers of how to treat extreme thinness systems for men? They can’t do cardio; As they cause the calories to be burned, and thus the inability to gain weight.

Natural recipes for the treatment of extreme thinness in men

Natural recipes for the treatment of extreme thinness in men

Some followers of the systems how to treat extreme thinness for men? They resort to natural recipes in order to enhance their diet with more calories and get quick results in gaining weight and getting rid of fat. extreme thinness for men.

Among these descriptions:

Protein shakes with dried fruits.

Dates drink with whole milk.

Fenugreek drink with milk and nuts.

Sweet potatoes with a mixture of honey and butter.

Grilled potatoes with cheese sauce and nuts.

Mix dates with molasses and nuts.

Nuts and peanut butter bars.

Greek yogurt with halva.

These recipes are taken as examples of snacks or as a substitute for breakfast or dinner, and a source of protein and complex carbohydrates can be added to these recipes and used as a main meal.

The proper intake of these recipes must be maintained until the desired result is obtained.

Medicines and vitamins to treat thinness in men

There are some vitamins nutritional supplements that are used to get rid of excessive thinness for men; It helps the body to compensate for its deprivation of nutrients that are important to it to carry out its vital functions…

It helps to get rid of the exhausting symptoms of thinness, especially stress and poor concentration, and contributes to stimulating appetite and weight gain.

The How to Treat Extreme Thinness for Men system supports the use of the following:


Vitamin A: It has an effective role in improving metabolism, stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and stimulating appetite.

Vitamin B complex: Helps improve metabolism and gain weight.

Vitamin C: It is used as an appetite suppressant and metabolism regulator.

Vitamin DFamous for its role in increasing calcium absorption, thus increasing bone density, muscle mass and weight gain.

Nutritional supplements

Supplements are known for their ability to build muscle mass and increase size along with resistance training or weight-bearing exercises.

Some of the most popular supplements used are:

Protein Supplements: Protein supplements are used in how to treat extreme thinness for men? To compensate the body for the deficiency in the amount of protein eaten daily, thus helping to build muscle and gain weight.

Creatine supplement: Creatine supplements are characterized by their ability to provide the necessary energy for the body, especially when exercising, and it also compensates the body for protein deficiency, and thus has a role in building muscle and gaining weight.

Yeast pills: Yeast grains contain protein and many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to carry out its vital functions, including the metabolism process, and it also reduces digestive disorders that cause anorexia.

Zinc: Zinc is one of the important supplements used within the systems of how to treat extreme thinness for men? Since the most prominent symptom of zinc deficiency is loss of appetite, zinc is used to stimulate appetite and gain weight.

fish oil: Fish oil contains fatty acids that help reduce digestive disorders and bloating and stimulate appetite.

some medicine


Digestin is used as part of the regimens. How to treat extreme thinness in men?; That’s because it contains a complex of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid…

Therefore, it is used to treat indigestion, gas, and stomach cramps, which improves the patient’s appetite and helps in healthy weight gain.

Methyltestosterone medicine

Methyltestosterone is on the list of drugs to treat thinness in men, as it is used by some men who suffer from a lack of testosterone…

It acts as an appetite stimulant and helps in building muscle mass and gaining weight for men.

common questions

Drinks to gain weight for those who suffer from thinness?

There are many drinks that help open appetite and get rid of thinness, including some herbal drinks such as chamomile, ginger, ashwagandha with ginger, fenugreek drink, licorice, anise and fennel, and there are other drinks that help in gaining weight, such as protein shakes with bananas, whole milk, smoothie Dried fruits with nuts and milk.

What is the weight of a skinny person?

According to what research has proven, a person is called thin when his BMI is less than 18.5. BMI can be calculated by calculating weight in kilograms / (height in meters x height in metres).

What is the treatment of a slim body?

To be an accurate answer about the treatment of a thin body, a doctor must be consulted first to ensure that there are no health problems causing this skinny body. In the event of any health problems, the doctor determines the appropriate treatment regimen for each case. In the absence of any health problems, it is recommended to follow a high-calorie diet rich in protein, healthy carbohydrates and some healthy fats, along with practicing some exercises that help build muscle, such as resistance exercises.

What are the types of thinness?

There are many types of thinness that have been identified according to the causes of thinness, among the most famous types of thinness: genetic thinness, psychological thinness, pathological thinness, and thinness resulting from taking some medications.


In this article, we answer the question of how to treat extreme thinness for men? In 4 diverse and proven methods in the treatment of extreme thinness for men.

Among these methods:

  • Simple steps help to treat thinness in men:

Such as changes in some healthy habits and adding some ingredients to the diet that increase its nutritional value and calories, such as nuts, olive oil, and high-calorie sauces such as mayonnaise.

  • Exercises to treat thinness for men:

Such as exercises that rely on body weight, such as push-ups, and exercises that rely on weight bearing, such as dumbbells

  • Natural recipes for the treatment of extreme thinness in men:

These recipes rely on some high-calorie ingredients such as peanut butter, fenugreek, dates, and dried fruits.

  • Medicines and vitamins to treat thinness in men:

Vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, nutritional supplements such as protein supplements, creatine and zinc, medicines such as digestin.

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